Layers and Layers of Video Audio and Text in Adobe Premiere or another linear editing system.

Hire Crate Marketing to do your Remote Video Editing

The biggest challenge to working remotely is having access to the footage required to edit the film. Whether you store that on your local server and allow access to your editors via the internet, preferably a VPN setup or making the footage available in the cloud so that editors can download the footage to work on their local machines. For us working with the cloud and proxy footage is our best option. We are able to upload our proxies directly from FCPX watch folders to the cloud and our editor can choose to download the proxies and store them locally or if he has a fast enough internet connection, work in the cloud. It’s a fairly simple process to set up. Also libraries can be stored on the cloud as well so that when an editor is done for the day, HQ has access to the finished projects immediately. If you have several editors working on the same job it gets a little more complicated in terms of housekeeping but it’s all possible if thought through carefully and methodically. It helps if the cloud storage company you are using has synced folders, so any changes that are made in the watch folders are immediately uploaded and available to everyone who has access to the project. Dropbox is a simple example of this process and works extremely well for smaller projects.

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