How to Make Boring Posts Stand Out on Social Media

Whether you’re managing Facebook for a client, or you’re posting for your own brand, we’ve all struggled with coming up with some creative ways to hook our audience.

What we do know is this: graphic posts will always outperform plain-text.

Here’s another assumption. It still doesn’t take much effort to go above and beyond what your competitors are doing. One simple way to stand out is to convert your plain text content into an image post.

In this example, we have taken the boring plain-text graphic posted by our business owner and spent 5 minutes converting into a “digital coupon” of sorts for him. This is much more likely to be shared by his audience and engage more deeply.

Ideally, you work in an industry that has plenty of great artwork or imagery to work with on social media, but this isn’t always the case. As a digital media manager, this becomes especially difficult when managing non-visual client social media campaigns.

So, in summary, take the extra couple minutes to find a way to get your message across visually, and that extra time will pay dividends down the road with your audience.

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